Desart is pleased to welcome our new member Minyma Kutjara

August 29, 2013 10:03 am
Desart Inc
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Minyma Kutjara
Artist: Tjawina Roberts
Copyright Minyma Kutjara Arts Project, 2013
In June 2013 after much support from Desart member art centres in the region, the Minyma Kutjara Arts Project was admitted to the membership by unanimous vote of the Desart Executive.

After several years away from Desart, artists from Irrunytju are excited to be part of the Desart community once again.

“Uwao! We are joining together at Desart!” – Roma Butler, Minyma Kutjara Arts Project Artist

“We are very happy that they are back in the Desart family, and look forward to seeing them at Desert Mob” – Jane Young, Desart Chair

The Minyma Kutjara Arts project is located in Irrunytju community, located 10kms from the tri state border of WA, NT and SA.  For more information visit

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