Red Centre Birds Exhibition

October 08, 2013 9:33 am
Desart Inc
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Marie Abbott / Ramjohn
A Ring Neck Parrot in the West MacDonnell Ranges. 26 x 36 cm Watercolour on paperboard (100% acid fr

Experience the beauty of red centre birds on paper, canvas, and ceramics. Ngurratjuta artists and the Hermannsburg potters have created unique artworks on the Central Desert bird theme coinciding with the peak of the bird season. The collection includes rare watercolour landscapes with ‘Birds in the West MacDonnell Ranges’ by Hermannsburg school artists, the ‘Emu dreaming’ and ‘Black Cockatoos’ by Alice Springs based artists, ‘Mother Eagle and Babies’ and ‘Galahs in Aranda Country’ by the Hermannsburg potters, and other beautiful bird paintings on paper, canvas and ceramics.