Active Artworkers at the Desart Curatorial Development Workshops

February 14, 2014 12:31 pm
Desart Inc
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In November, nine enthusiastic art workers partook in a two-day comprehensive workshop at Tangengyere gallery to develop their curatorial knowledge and technical skills. The outcome of the workshop was the successful installation of the 2013 Desart Art Worker Photography Prize exhibition.

The dynamic workshops, led by art curator Carly Lane, comprised of descriptions, demonstrations and practical exercises which inspired thought-provoking discussions and active team work. The first session began with a short presentation by Donna Carstens from Arts Law on how to protect the copyright of artworks within an exhibition context. After a morning cuppa break the day moved towards handling artworks and condition reporting, which gave artworkers an insight into the damage that can occur when artworks are packed incorrectly and how to prevent it. The artworkers took on the session with ease, vigour and curious minds. The afternoon session moved onto exhibition design and layout concepts. The team deliberated on the usual challenges curator’s face when designing an exhibition: how do you design an exhibition so that it engages audiences and reflects what the curator wants to say? A range of curatorial topics were presented and reinforced with practical exercises such as mapping out the intended movement of audiences by physically moving around the space.

Day two was another lively day devoted to the final layout and finishing touches of the exhibition. Artworkers learned how to install artworks using latch, line hanging systems and spirit levels with consideration to the space, position of the artwork and lights. When the exhibition installation was finalised and the signage was fixed, the gallery filled with joy as the artworkers celebrated with a round of applause and a well-deserved pat on the back! Congratulations to all artworkers on your efforts and achievement in curating the Desart Artworker Photography Prize exhibition.

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