2014 Barkly Artists Camp

June 25, 2014 4:08 pm
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Initiated by Art Centres located in the Barkly region, the annual Barkly Artists Camp is a creative convergence and series of art making workshops that run over one week. The 2014 Barkly Artists Camp was held at Likkaparta Outstation 60km outside Tennant Creek. Everyone arrived on Monday evening and had a big feast before settling by the campfire for an early night- in anticipation for the active week to come!

Traditional owners Mr and Mrs Foster welcomed everybody to the Barkly Artist Camp and spent four days at the camp. They led the group on a drive to the Likkaparta Rockhole and provided knowledge on where the right places for us were to walk and be. An important aspect of the camp was the bush tucker and bush medicine walk on the first morning of the camp. The walk was a chance to see and feel Likkaparta and to share knowledge. Local tucker and medicines were collected and brought back for sharing. The group sat together in a circle and discussed the uses and benefits of medicines. Bush coconuts were tasted and tucker was introduced to the workshop facilitators. Likkaparta is currently a lush source of tucker due to good rain earlier in the year; participants enjoyed sharing knowledge and walking together. Neil Long worked together with Steven Pearce (Photography workshop facilitator) took photographs of the bush tucker walk and edited the images into a short film, which we all watched together on the large screen under the stars.

A total of thirty artists and artworkers attended the camp coming from Ampilawitja, Epenarra, Canteen Creek, Mungkarta and Kulumindini, Nyinkka Nyunyu, Ngurratjuta and the Tartakula group from Tennant Creek. The camp program comprised of collage workshops run by Rolande Souliere, weaving workshops by Sandy Elverd and Photography and film workshops by Steven Pearce. Everyone was enthusiastic, creatively engaged and responsive to the workshops. The camp aims to provide the space for artists from across the Barkly region to come together to share skills and stories in a fun and inclusive environment. The camp was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone!

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