The Desart Art Centre Guidebook

July 07, 2016 4:09 pm
Desart Inc
Submitted by: Mellisa Kramer
This guidebook is for Art Centre Managers and Artworkers in Central Australian Aboriginal Art Centres. It is a guide to Desart services and support, a book to help you work well in Art Centres.


To work in an Aboriginal Art Centre is a privilege- an opportunity to work with world-famous artists and be part of art history, to live in an Aboriginal community and be taught about culture first-hand. It is a tough, challenging job in a remote area. You need to be flexible, resilient, organised and smart. You must be fair and respectful. Above all, you must read this guidebook- each section delivers key information for survival. Whatever your reason for reading this guidebook, when you have finished you will have a range of perspectives on this unique business- the remote Aboriginal Art Centre.

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