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Our vision

Our vision is that Central Australian Aboriginal communities exercise their artistic, cultural, social and economic rights.

Our mission

We are committed to supporting Aboriginal art centres, which provide autonomy, sustained growth and stability for Central Australian Aboriginal communities.

Our values

  • Culture first: We see culture as the priority and foundation for all our work.
  • Diversity: We respect the cultural diversity inherent to Central Australian Aboriginal peoples and their communities.
  • Autonomy: We support the independence and autonomy of our art centre members.
  • Consultation:  We ensure our work is based on consultation with Aboriginal artists and art centre staff.
  • Ethical: We work in a manner that is ethical and transparent.


Our goals

  • Represent and be a strong voice for art centres.
  • Promote best practice management of art centres.
  • Increase employment and career pathways for Aboriginal people in the arts.
  • Promote Central Australian Aboriginal arts and culture.
  • Support art centres to acquire and maintain infrastructure and resources.