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Muntajina Brumby
Self portrait by Muntajina Brumby courtesy of Areyonga Artists 2016
Areyonga, known locally as Utju, is nestled in a spectacular valley in the western end of the MacDonnell Ranges, about 100km from Hermannsburg and 240km west of Alice Springs.Its population of 235 residents predominantly speak Pitjantjatjara, having originally come from the Petermann Ranges in the 1920s when Anangu were forced to leave the Docker River […]

Vincent Lingiari Art Award celebrates 40 years of land rights.

Vincent Lingiari Art Award celebrates 40 years of land rights Desart and the Central Land Council have joined forces to award a lucrative new Aboriginal art prize celebrating this year’s twin land rights anniversaries. The Vincent Lingiari Art Award marks 40 years since the passage of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act (ALRA) and 50 years […]

2015 Art Worker Photography Prize

The Desart Art Worker Photography Prize was initiated by Arts Workers at the 2011 Arts Worker Conference held in Alice Springs.   Designed to encourage Arts Workers in art centres to develop skills with cameras, to enhance their work within the art centre. Photography workshops were delivered in communities by a series of professional photographers […]

Desert Mob Capturing the history of a movement

Desert Mob, an initiative of the Araluen Arts Centre in 1991 and now an important partnership with Desart, celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2015. This is a significant milestone for one of the country’s most exciting and unique Aboriginal art events. To celebrate, the Araluen Arts Centre is mounting a survey exhibition drawn from its […]

Desert Colour

Imanpa Arts

Walkatjara Arts Uluru

Mutitjulu Community (via Yulara) NORTHERN TERRITORY 0872 AUSTRALIA

Tjuwanpa Resource Centre


Tjungu Palya

PMB 126 Nyapari (via Alice Springs) NORTHERN TERRITORY 0872 AUSTRALIA

Tjala Arts

Tjala Arts was started by the women of Amata in 1997 and was originally called Minymaku Arts (Ladies Arts); it was renamed in 2006 to reflect the involvement of Anangu men in the art centre. The art centre was established for the artists to expand their craft-based skills to fine art practise including painting (acrylic […]