Art Centre Manager – Arlpwe Art & Culture Centre

Applications close October 28, 2019

The Arlpwe Art & Culture Centre was officially opened on 27th June 2008 in Ali Curung, Northern Territory, Australia. Ali Curung is a remote community within the local government area of Barkly in the Northern Territory, it is located 4hours (377.5 km) north of Alice Springs and has a sealed road access from the Stuart Highway. Ali Curung has a small population of 550 people.

The Arlpwe Art and Culture Centre’s members feel strongly that being able to paint and make traditional artefacts help the community to keep important elements of their culture alive for future generations.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

The Art Centre Manager reports directly to the board of directors and is responsible for providing leadership and strategic direction to Arlpwe Art & Culture Centre. Arlpwe Artists Aboriginal Corporation is a not-for-profit Aboriginal corporation registered in 2008 under the CATSI Act 2006.

Arlpwe Art Centre operates to support traditional culture and generate new art practices. Its business model operates on a combination of grant and earned income. To ensure future growth of the Centre, it is essential that this income be increased; a thorough knowledge of public and private/philanthropic funding sectors is also necessary.

The Art Centre Manager is responsible for managing the financial business activities with transparency and operating within a limited budget. This includes securing, managing and acquitting funding from a range of sources.

The Art Centre Manager will be responsible for effective operations, systems and policies and procedures and will maintain and develop strategic relationships with the arts, cultural, language, tourism, Indigenous and economic development sectors (both public and private).

The Art Centre Manager must support, encourage and guide the development of artworks, mentor artists and assist their vision for cultural maintenance and development. This includes management of sales, artist’s materials, production processes, documentation of artworks and co-ordination of workshops, archival of cultural items and other professional development initiatives as required to support artists’ careers.

To succeed in this position, the successful applicant must evidence the ability to work in a inter-cultural environment. Previous experience in a similar role will be highly regarded.

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