Tjanpi Desert Weavers Arts Stock Assistant

Arts Stock Assistant – Indigenous Identified

The Art Stock Assistant supports the Creative Development and Sales and Marketing teams in a range of activities, including preparing and packaging artworks for orders, exhibitions and art markets, packing and storing bush gear and art materials as well as supporting other staff to maintain vehicles and equipment.

Tjanpi Desert Weavers (Tjanpi) was initiated by NPY Women’s Council in 1995 in response to an expressed need by Anangu women for meaningful and culturally appropriate employment.

Since 1995, Tjanpi (meaning ‘dry grass’) has evolved into a vital and dynamic Indigenous social enterprise of NPY Women’s Council and enables women on the lands to earn a regular income from selling their fibre art.

More than 400 Aboriginal women artists across 350,000 square kilometres of the Central and Western Desert region of Australia come together on country tocreate beautiful, intricate and whimsical fibre art.

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