Celebrating 10 years of the Desart Photography Prize

A trip to Kalipinpa, Shekayla Nampitkinpa Major of Papunya Tjupi Arts, 2019 Desart Photography Prize

The annual 2021 Desart Photography Prize (DPP) will launch online at noon, this Thursday 10 September. The Desart Photography Prize serves as a visual showcase of the interests, passions and concerns of Aboriginal photographers from the Central desert regions. 2021 marks the 10th Anniversary of Desart Photography Prize, conceived to encourage Aboriginal art workers opportunities to gain digital camera skills spanning artistic, creative and documentation processes.

There have been many firsts over the years and an ongoing success, the Photography Prize has come to represent Desart’s aims and values. It showcases Aboriginal excellence with a foundation of culture first. Participation is a springboard for broader arts opportunities for Aboriginal people. Photography is a contemporary medium for cultural continuity, political ideas and creative excellence.

With a shared focus and interest in how the camera can aid the story, 2021 reveals a surprising and delicate array of content. Fifteen works have been chosen from six central desert communities across Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia. These diverse works explore intimate and personal narratives through portraiture, artistic creations for the frame, landscape and country and social documentary revealing cultural practice in community.

No stranger to Desart and to share her curatorial expertise, this year’s industry judge Coby Edgar, Curator of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art at The Art Gallery of NSW will announce the winners of the 10th 2021 Desart Photography Prize online at 12 noon, Thursday 10th September, head to https://desart.com.au/photography-prize/

The Desart Photography prize is open to the public Monday – Friday, 10am – 3pm until 18th December at:
Desart Artspace
Level 1, 11/54 Reg Harris Lane,
Todd Mall, Alice Springs

The exhibition can also be viewed online here.
Please direct enquiries to Aspen Beattie – Administration Officer – on 89534736
or email: admin@desart.com.au

Image: A trip to Kalipinpa by Shekayla Nampitjinpa Major of Papunya Tjupi Arts, 2019 Desart Photography Prize.