Warnayaka Art Centre: Life in the Digital Desert

August 29, 2013 12:05 pm
Desart Inc
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Warnayaka Art Centre is proud to present their newly released book and DVD publication: Life in the Digital Desert.

This project is a collaboration between Warnayaka Art Centre and its artists – including several emerging digital media artists, art and anthropology scholars including Dr Jennifer Biddle , curator Christian de Lutz, and Australian / German-based interdisciplinary artist Gretta Louw. This beautiful 100 page, full-colour book covers the landscape, community, and art of the remote Warlpiri community of Lajamanu.  Additionally, it shows recent digital artwork by Warnayaka Art Centre and visiting artists, and documentation from the European tour of exhibitions and cultural presentations that four of their artists attended in 2012. For further information, or to purchase please contact Waranyaka Art Centre http://www.warnayaka.com/

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