Vincent Lingiari Art Award

Eunice Napanangka Jack Kuruyultu (2019) Acrylic on Belgian linen 101.5cm x 122cm Ikuntji Artists Winning Entry 2019

Vincent Lingiari Art Award

Ngawa, Ngapa, Kapi, Kwatja, Water

Together with the Central Land Council, Desart established the Vincent Lingiari Art Award in 2016 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the historic Wave Hill Walk Off and the 40th anniversary of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act (NT) 1976.

The award honours the leadership of Vincent Lingiari and all those who have fought for their land rights.

The Aboriginal land rights and contemporary Aboriginal art movements share the same roots. They evolved at the same time in the Northern Territory and drew strength from the same sources. Both have significantly contributed to Australia’s modern national identity.

This year’s award asks Aboriginal artists to reflect on their individual and collective battles for water rights and share their creative responses to the theme Ngawa, Ngapa, Kapi, Kwatja, Water with a broad audience.

“Water rights are land rights,” CLC chair Sammy Wilson told CLC delegates in 2019.

“The government gave us the land back but not the water. Water is the new land rights.”

Entries are now open to Desart members, those in the CLC region and those artists whose country sits in the CLC region and close June 30, 2021.