Pamela Taylor and Beryl De Rose begin a commission. Image: Walkatjara Art.


Desart speaks with a united voice on behalf of its members.

We seek input from our art centre members on important industry issues, ensuring that our responses to issues reflect the voices and priorities of their artists. We also work with other Aboriginal peak bodies and organisations to address industry-wide and cross-sector issues, and we support rigorous ethical research that commits to community benefits alongside potential for broader evidence-based industry gains. We serve on industry boards and advisory committees and we introduce our members to ethical marketing opportunities.

We initiate and participate in activities to market Aboriginal art, educate and diversify the audience for it, and promote the local and global benefits of art centres, often working with industry and government partners. We produce the annual Desert Mob Symposium, Desert Mob MartketPlace and Desart Photography Prize, and organise commemorative exhibitions and special events including international exchange programs.