Desart online donor policy

Desart Incorporated encourages donations from individuals, foundations and companies.

Desart will accept donations if they:

  1. Are consistent with the mission, goals, policies and interests of Desart.
  2. Do not, or cannot be perceived to, compromise Desart’s commercial decision-making.
  3. Comply with the law.

Desart does not accept donations from tobacco, and or alcohol companies or their subsidiaries or Companies/businesses and individuals that may be engaged in any legal issues with any of our 40-member art centres.

Direct debits between the Donor and Desart Inc

  1. Donors will receive a tax receipt on making the donation.
  2. Donors rights to privacy and their personal information is managed in accordance with the Desart terms and privacy policy
  3. Desart has the right to refuse a donation.
  4. One-off donation cancel requests must be received within 14 days of the donation being made if requested by the Donor.
  5. Monthly donation cancel requests must be received 30 days prior to the next direct debit.
  6. Donors have available funds.

All requests for refunds, cancellations and changes to a monthly donation amount should be addressed to:
PO Box 9219, Alice Springs, NT 0870