Cindy Mbitjana Dixon

Artist Cindy Mbitjana Dixon
Title Akwerlperlp
Year 2022

Acrylic on Belgian linen

Dimensions 152 × 51 cm
Art Centre Utopia Art Centre →

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Cindy Mbitjana Dixon

Cindy Mbjitjana Dixon was born at Utopia Homestead. Her family were living bush before coming onto the station. All across Anmatyerr country. Cindy’s Country is Arlparra just like the rest of her family. Everyone is painting canvas in the family. All of the ladies and the men. There’s a big art story for the family.

Cindy lives and paints on the remote Utopia Homelands. She is an artist with a physical disability and it is important for her to use her art to express herself. She creates remarkable artworks with the support of her family.

Artist statement

Akwerlperlp. The seeds from those trees. Little ones, sweet ones when it’s hot time. Possums eating the honey inside. That’s the dreaming. We eat it too. That seed honey.