Artist Maringka Burton
Title Anamaruku Tjuta (Many Caterpillars)
Year 2022

Acrylic on linen

Dimensions 152 × 122 cm
Art Centre Iwantja Arts →

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Maringka Burton

Maringka Burton was born near the site of the Anumara Tjukurpa (Caterpillar Dreaming), south of Irrunytju (Wingellina) in Western Australia. Maringka lived a traditional Anangu existence with her parents Charlie Tjalkuriny (Charlie Burton) and Naputja Yanyi (Yanyi Burton) and siblings before settling in Pukatja (Ernabella), where Maringka attended the Ernabella Mission school. Maringka is a highly regarded ngangkari (traditional healer), having been guided in this practice by her father Charlie Tjalkuriny. Maringka’s ngangkari work involves extensive travel and working alongside doctors and nurses to support Anangu patients in hospitals and clinics. A respected senior artist, Maringka maintains a prolific practice across painting and tjanpi (native grass) weaving.

Artist statement

Maringka Burton’s country is in the far western region of the APY Lands, close to the West Australian border. The Tjukurpa story of Anumara (caterpillar) is special to that area and Maringka often paints themes of this story. The small green and white caterpillars burrow tunnels and holes into the earth which leaves behind patterns on the surface of the desert sands. This intricate repetition of detailed twists and curls in the red dirt is portrayed in Maringka’s work.