Mary Katatjuku Pan

Artist Mary Katatjuku Pan
Title Animal Tjuta - Animals from Watarru
Year 2021

Pigmented ink on Saunders Waterford paper, framed

Dimensions 56 × 76 cm
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Mary Katatjuku Pan

Mary Katatjuku Pan sculpts with tjanpi and has a prolific painting and drawing practice. Her unique style derives from layering her mediums and animating the iconography in her work to achieve a narrative linking her to her homeland, Watarru. Mary refers to the land around Watarru and the Tjukurpa (cultural law) there, she illustrates kapi tjukula (waterholes), tjilpul (birds) and other desert animals, tjati (lizards), the nintuka (desert monitor) and ngiyari (thorny devil) which are hunted after the fires. Mary was working for land management at Watarru for many years, tracking animals and looking for endangered species. She is an excellent tracker and hunter, a well-respected artist and influential member of the Amata community.

Artist statement

Ngayulu kuwari walkatjunanyi tjukurpa nyangatja kuka Tjuta munu liru munu mingkiri glayulu irilti watarru nyinangi mununa warka land management – pangka palyaningi ngura ngayuku atunymakula. Muna ngayuku tjakura kulu ngurilpai munu kuwari ngayulu paintamilani animal Tjuta tjara ngayulu nintingku.

I am painting the story about different animals, like the snake and mouse. A long time ago I used to live at Watarru and I used to work with land management, I was looking after my place and I used to look for tjakura (desert gecko) and now I’m painting about the animals I know.