Artist Shane Brown
Title Anumara Tjukurpa
Year 2022

Acrylic on Belgian linen

Dimensions 195 × 195 cm
Art Centre Kaltjiti Arts →

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Shane Brown

Shane Brown lives in Whyalla, South Australia, but often paints in Kaltjiti (Fregon), APY Lands. He paints the Anumara Tjukurpa (caterpillar Dreaming) that he inherited from his grandfather. Shane typically paints in earthy, dark hues. He represents the Anumara Tjukurpa through mesmerising shapes that are typically bounded by walka-walkani (dot painting).

Artist statement

Shane Brown paints the Anumara Tjukurpa (caterpillar dreaming) that he inherited from his grandfather. This story is about the Anumara travelling from Irrunytju (Wingellina) in Western Australia to north-west South Australia. The Anumara lives in the grass and is in danger if the grass it lives in is eaten. The Anumara Tjukurpa story is kept secret. The place where the caterpillar lives is important and keeping the story secret protects the caterpillar from being eaten. The Anumara lives in grass country, tree country and shrub country. Here there are lots of rocky mountains and stones that the Anumara moves through. The Anumara is burnt by the sun and turns into rock if it does not move quick enough.