Artist Marie Shilling
Title At The River
Year 2022

Acrylic on canvas

Dimensions 30 × 51 cm
Art Centre Tapatjatjaka Art and Craft →

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Marie Shilling

Marie Shilling has lived in and around the Titjikala region for most of her life and commenced painting in 2002 and is known for her unique cultural and historical perspective of Aboriginal life in Central Australia. Marie’s country is characterised by red sand hills, desert oaks and rocky ridges and she captures the range of brilliant colours reflected by the land, it’s seasons and the local flora and fauna. In addition to painting, Marie also works with ceramics, etchings, batik, and carves intricate punu from local mulga trees.

Artist statement

After a big rain the river is full. We all go down, Titji, Womens, Men, all go for hunting and swimming. There’s lots of Minklepah (wild tobacco) and yalka ( bush onion). We go early and stay all day, going out hunting, swimming and making a fire. Everyone is sitting by the fire to get warm and eat all the bush food after swimming. It’s a happy day.