Alysia Kngwarreye Jones

Artist Alysia Kngwarreye Jones
Title Atwakey
Year 2022

Acrylic on Belgian linen

Dimensions 152 × 51 cm
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Alysia Kngwarreye Jones

My name is Alysia Kngwarreye Jones. My Homeland is Soapy, Arawerr. I grew up here on my Country. I’ve been painting this place for a long time. My grandmother is Dorothy Jones, she’s a great painter. I was watching her when I was growing up. Watching her make paintings and tells stories and walk around our old places. When I was a little baby. My grandmother’s Country is Atnwengerrp. I started painting when I was 15 years old. This is my style. Black and white together.

Artist statement

All the white flowers, they open up. Pretty flowers. When it’s time before fruit grows. Atwakey, that bush orange. It’s growing all over my country, near Arawerr.