Artist Maisie Petyarre Bundey
Title Boundary Bore Bush Tucker
Year 2022

Acrylic on linen

Dimensions 152 × 122 cm
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Maisie Petyarre Bundey

Maisie Petyarre Bundey was one of the original batik painters of Utopia. Maisie and her sisters Bessie, Kate and Josie are prolific painters who learned to paint by watching their mother, Polly Ngale. Maisie grew up on Utopia Station where her family worked. Her father was a stockman and worked with horses and cattle. She loved the life growing up on the cattle station with her family.

Artist statement

My country, Boundary Bore. Long time, we go hunting for bush tucker. Everywhere bush tucker, we collected it for the children. Fill up coolamons with bush banana, bush plum, bush potatoes, bush medicine, goanna, porcupine, rabbits. Walking with my sisters, no shoes, no car, nothing.