Artist Lindsay Nelson
Title Ceremonial Motif I – IV
Year 2022

Acrylic on mining paper

Dimensions 156 × 199 cm
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1. 79 x 101cm
2. 74 x 98cm
3. 77 x 96cm
4. 77 x 99cm

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Lindsay Nelson

Lindsay Nelson took an early interest in art after being encouraged by his elders, including his father who was a well-respected ceremonial man. Lindsay grew up in Alekarenge and now lives in Tennant Creek where he is now a full-time artist, working as a key member of the Tennant Creek Brio artist collective.

Artist statement

In Ceremonial Motif I-IV, Lindsay Nelson has inscribed a set of old acetate mining maps with symbols representing ceremonial and desert life. These maps were salvaged from one of the many abandoned mines near Tennant Creek.