Artist Roxanne Newberry
Title Circus Waters
Year 2021

Acrylic on linen

Dimensions 91 × 61 cm
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Roxanne Newberry

My name is Roxanne Newberry, I’m from Warakurna. I’ve been painting for couple of years, seeing sister paint Cynthia Burke, it gave me some ideas to do some for myself. I love doing aerial landscapes of my father’s Country and helping my mother Jorna Newberry with her paintings.

Artist statement

When Martu paint, it’s like a map. Martu draw story on the ground and on the canvas, and all the circle and line there are the hunting areas and different waters and tracks where people used to walk, and [some you] can’t cross, like boundaries. So nowadays you see a colourful painting and wonder what it is, but that’s how Martu tell story long ago. It’s not just a lovely painting, it’s a story and a songline and a history and everything that goes with it.

– Ngalangka Nola Taylor and Joshua Booth