Artist Rhonda Sharpe
Title Girl With Big Stick Sees Her Dinner!
Year 2022

Soft sculpture made with recycled bush dyed woollen blanket, embellished with wool and cotton

Dimensions 66 × 49 × 10 cm
Art Centre Yarrenyty Arltere Artists →

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Rhonda Sharpe

I was born and grew up in Alice Springs. I went to Yiprinya school. I danced when it opened. I live at Yarrenyty Arltere Town Camp now, I have my house. Sewing makes me feel happy and proud. I like to do different things.

Artist statement

It just comes to me when I am sewing or drawing, things come into my head. Like how when I make two heads on the birds and on the person. I think that’s like my head telling me different things, but I don’t really have two heads. I just get two ideas, might be to go into town and just walk around or to sew. I have to choose, everyday I have to think which way to go. I’m getting stronger to stay at work, to listen to my good head. To do the things that make me feel really happy and proud.