Judith Pungarta Inkamala

Artist Judith Pungarta Inkamala
Title Gus and Rhonda Williams
Year 2022

Terracotta and underglazes

Dimensions 45 × 19 × 19 cm
Art Centre Hermannsburg Potters →

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Judith Pungarta Inkamala

Judith Pungarta Inkamala is a Director and senior member of Hermannsburg Potters Aboriginal Corporation, having joined the founding group of artists in 1993. Judith is recognised for her dedication and commitment to the intergenerational sharing of cultural and ceramic knowledge. Judith is also a former member of the renowned Hermannsburg Choir. In her works, Judith depicts her lived histories and Western Aranda Country. With nearly 30 years’ experience working with clay and underglazes, Judith’s work is as skilfully painted as it is constructed. In 2021 Judith’s artwork was animated and projected onto the Sydney Opera House as part of the Badu-Gili program. In 2022, Judith was a finalist in the Wynne Prize.

Artist statement

Gus went to choir with Doug Radke. They travelled a lot with the choir to Loxton, Barossa Valley, Adelaide. After that they came back to Ntaria and Gus learned to play country music. He was Western Aranda famous singer in Ntaria. He used to go up to Palm Valley with his wife Rhonda, she played guitar with Gus, and make campfire and singing country music. All the kids dancing, boys and girls and young man, and I danced too. A lot of tourists went to sit down, ride around and some danced too. He was teaching music to the other men, here they are with music stick and singing gospel song ‘Yinga Nyitia Nakala’.

When he come back, sometimes Gus made concert here in Ntaria. everyone would come in and watch him and Rhonda and the kids dance too. Boys and girls and men and women, they like to dance. And we always listening to our favourite song, Rhonda & Gus singing:

Let’s walk down that long road together,

the road that we know as life’s span,

if you’ll be my wife,

’til the end of my life, I’ll be your true lovin’ man…

Where the golden sliprails are down

– (Slim Dusty)