Mary Ngwarrey Peterson

Artist Mary Ngwarrey Peterson
Title Hunting Landscape
Year 2021

Synthetic polymer on canvas

Dimensions 61 × 91 cm
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Mary Ngwarrey Peterson

Mary Ngwarrey Peterson is part of a large family of painters. Her mother Jessie Peterson, along with her aunt Topsy and sisters Susie and Tracey, are active members of Epenarra Arts. Mary’s work explores the landscape surrounding Wutunugurra (Epenarra) with vibrating mark making on shifting surfaces of flora and ground. Her works celebrate the abundance of bush flowers, eucalyptus, bush tucker and medicine plants; features of the landscape central to survival.

Artist statement

When we go hunting we see those flowers. Hunting for bush beans, goanna, porcupine [echidna] and roos. That’s a waterhole near there.