Audrey Kngwarreye Morton

Artist Audrey Kngwarreye Morton
Title Ilyarnayt
Year 2022

Acrylic on Belgian linen

Dimensions 152 × 51 cm
Art Centre Utopia Art Centre →

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Audrey Kngwarreye Morton

Audrey Kngwarreye Morton started experimenting with art in the 1970’s with the CAAMA Batik Project and the ‘Summer Project’ in the 1980’s. Audrey is the daughter of Mary Kemarre and Billy Stockman Pitjara Morton. Born in 1954 Audrey has always been involved and surrounded by contemporary painting. Audrey and her three sisters; Lucky, Sarah and Ruby Morton are all artists.

Artist statement

Ilyarnayt. It’s growing everywhere in Ngarwenyerra. My Country. On those sandhills back there. Pretty flowers, yellow ones. Tyape likes them too. He living in there, inside those roots. We dig them up. Tyape kere mwerrangker.