Artist Michelle Anderson
Title Kanpala
Year 2022

Acrylic on linen

Dimensions 137 × 110 cm
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Michelle Anderson

Michelle Anderson is from a family of renowned Spinifex Arts Project painters including her immediate grandmothers Myrtle Pennington and Carlene West. She became the primary carer for Myrtle, and would sit, watch and listen as her grandmother painted the significant sites of Mulplya and Kanpa. Myrtle loved having her granddaughter by her side and the generational transference of Tjukurpa. Michelle began to assist Myrtle during her final few paintings before Myrtle became immobile which spurned Michelle into a creative pursuit to continue forward with what she had learnt from her time with her grandmother.

Artist statement

Michelle’s use of bold symbols and deep colours is reminiscent of her grandmother’s style, Myrtle Pennington. Michelle has succeeded in expanding her own creativity whilst keeping grounded in all she has learnt. The result is as sublime as it is individual, with the compositions expressing a newfound creative palette from the roots of this rich legacy.