Artist Joseph Williams
Title Kirriji
Year 2022

Acrylic on canvas with mining transparency

Dimensions 57 × 53 cm
Art Centre Nyinkka Nyunyu Art and Culture Centre →

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Joseph Williams

Joseph Williams is a multimedia artist and emerging cultural leader. He works as spokesperson for the Warumungu Community at Nyinkka Nyunyu Art and Culture Centre in Tennant Creek. His artistic practice includes painting, poetry, film, and performance. As a solo artist he draws inspiration from his Warumungu and Croatian heritage, having recently shown at Croatia House Sydney and the 2021 Croatian Film Festival for his feature length film Countryman. Joseph is also a founding member of the Tennant Creek Brio collective.

Artist statement

Kirriji was produced from a mix of archival materials, found objects, and acrylic on paint. The Warumungu woman depicted in this work was originally photographed by Spencer and Gillen during their anthropological field work in Central Australia. Joseph Williams has used the digital reproductions of these photographs as source material for his own monochromatic paintings. They have been layered with old, transparent acetate mining maps salvaged from an abandoned mine near Tennant Creek.