Artist Derrick Butt
Title Kulyakartu
Year 2021

Acrylic on linen

Dimensions 121 × 91 cm
Art Centre Martumili Artists →

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Derrick Butt

I ask the brother to my grandmother, and I was asking them where my grandmother born and which Country, so I could paint it. And they told me some stories and I started painting, because my grandmother left his country when he was young and didn’t manage to get back to his Country. So, I wanted to paint like part of his history, as his grandson, to tell people where my grandmother’s born, and which Country.

One day I went to Perth on the plane. And I saw the Country – I was on the window side – and I saw the Country, how different it looks when you’re walking on the land to when you’re in a plane looking down, so that gave me an idea, and that’s how I created my art. And I love painting bird’s eye view, like looking down on Country. Sometimes you can see the land is not always brown and black. I like mixing my colours, brighter colours. That’s how I see the land, looking down on it. And people love my paintings, and how I do art. And I feel blessed that people love my art, and this is my story through my grandmother. She’s not around but I can carry her story, carry his legacy through my art.

Artist statement

Long time ago I been there. It is my grandmothers, grandfathers, fathers, mothers Country, Kulyakartu. I am painting this particular place it keeps me connected, sense of belonging. Tell my grandmothers story through my art. Where she was born, I’m a part of that. It makes me feel proud painting. Most important is telling the story behind the painting so people can understand where I am coming from. Kulyakartu is our ngurra (home, Country, camp). I will continue telling the story through my art.