Artist Meredith Treacle
Title Kuniya Tjukurpa - Woma Python Creation Story
Year 2022

Acrylic on Belgian linen

Dimensions 200 × 200 cm
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Meredith Treacle

Meredith is from Kaltjiti (Fregon), on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands, 350km south-east of Uluru. Meredith was born at Amata in South Australia. After attending secondary school in Adelaide, she returned to Kaltjiti where she worked at the Fregon store, the art centre, and later she was a school  teacher (Anangu Education Worker). During her time at the art centre, Meredith learnt how to do silk painting, lino cuts and painting on canvas.

Artist statement

This is my Country, this is my family’s Country, it belongs to us. My father and my uncle gave me and my sisters all of this area and that Tjukurpa. I have all it all in my head.

This is a story that has been passed down to Meredith Treacle from her father. This story starts from a place called Tjuntun and where the Kuniya (Woma Python) Tjukurpa starts from. Her travels started from this place, and then travelled to Uluru. She was travelling along her own road, and as she went she sang the Country. She sang that Country as she travelled and as she went she laid a number of eggs at a place about half way along. A place which is known by the name of Ngarutjara. From Ngarutjara she went across to another place, this is called Piti Pulka and is a large rockhole. She kept travelling and went all the way up to Atila. Once she reached Atila she said to herself, ‘Oh look, I can see Uluru from here’, and she thought about her aunty who had been living there at Uluru. So she kept on going and soon arrived at Uluru. When she arrived she began to sing a song at a place known as Wana Wipiya Wipiya.