Artist Nora Abbott
Title Lasseter Story
Year 2022

Acrylic on linen

Dimensions 40 × 149 cm
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Nora Abbott

Nora Abbott was born at Areyonga and has spent most of her career painting independently and with Tjarlirli Art, before joining Tangentyere Artists in 2020. Nora paints landscapes with a distinctive figurative style, playing with proportions and using a multitude of colours. These paintings are full of life, with birds soaring among the clouds and Anangu living alongside bush animals.

Nora also depicts her lived experiences on Country; helicopter rides, shopping at the community store after an unsuccessful hunting trip, and memories of swimming in waterholes as a child. She paints stories passed down to her from her family, and relays the significance of her time in Kaltukatjara (Docker River). She travelled through that Country with her grandfather learning the important Tjukurrpa (Dreaming), and when and where to find the best bush foods. Her grandfather also shared his personal history with her, including recollections of meeting Lasseter for the first time, a story which she now paints. Nora also holds the Two Women Tjukurrpa, painting the two women travelling, looking around for a home.

Artist statement

… My grandfather been tell me all this and that. That’s all my grandfather story. This was when my mother was little girl, about this size [five or six year old], and my uncle was baby. Mother remember this time. She tell me that story too from that time, when my uncle was baby. Lasseter there travelling through from Blood Range, then camping at Tjunti for so long. They been look after Lasseter. Then when he passed, big mob Anangu, they buried him. I don’t know where, but old people they know. Grandfather tell me south of Tjunti, that’s Lasseter’s Cave. Kele, that’s all.