Artist Julie Woods
Title Minyma Kutjara
Year 2021

Acrylic on canvas

Dimensions 120 × 102 cm
Art Centre Minyma Kutjara Arts Project →

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Julie Woods

Julie Woods was born at Irrunytju (Wingellina), Western Australia, but grew up across the border in South Australia at Kanpi where her parents moved when she was young. Her mother was Elaine Woods, a well-known artist with Papulankutja Artists and her maternal grandmother, Maringka Baker, a highly regarded painter with Tjungu Palya Art Centre at Nyapri, South Australia. As Julie was taught to paint by her grandmother, she inherited her grandmother’s story from Irrunytju regarding a sacred place associated with two sisters travelling as well as Ku Ala – a sacred women’s place south of Irruntju. Julie moved to Papulankatja (Blackstone) to be with her partner Lance Peck also an artist with Papulankutja Artists. Papulankatja is Julie’s grandfather’s Country.

Artist statement

Minyma Kutjara (two women) is one of the most important women’s creation stories of the western and southern deserts and a special story for Irrunytju. It tells the story of the difficult journey of two sisters who travelled throughout these vast lands. The places where the sisters travelled and rested can be traced through the desert as their actions often created landmarks, rock-holes and mountain ranges. Near Irrunytju the sisters sat on two hills and made hair belts in preparation for important women’s business.