Tjarlirli Women's Collaborative III

Artist Tjarlirli Women's Collaborative III
Title Minyma Pirni Nikinila
Year 2021

Acrylic on canvas

Dimensions 121.9 × 91.4 cm
Art Centre Tjarlirli Art →

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Tjarlirli Women's Collaborative III

Sheena Dixon is a young mother living in Tjukurla Community who paints her grandmother, Bambatu Napangati’s country west of Walungurru (Kintore), near Kiwirrkurra.

Dianne Wamantjangu is from Kaltukatjara (Docker River). Dianne paints Minyma Tjukurpa (women’s business) and Kunga Kutjara, the story of two sisters. Dianne is also one of the Tjarlirli Art’s arts workers. In 2020, Dianne created a collaborative iPad animation depicting daily life in the Kaltukatjara art centre.

Deborah Young grew up in Tjukurla. Her grandmother Tjawina Porter and mother Elsa Young are both high-profile Tjarlirli painters and Ngaanyatjarra law women.

Elsa Fiona Young was born near Pungkurrpirri waterhole near Tjukurla, to senior law woman and renowned painter Tjawina Porter. She lived in Kaltukatjara (Docker River) and Warakurna before moving to Tjukurla with her late husband Mr Young and family.

Artist statement

Minyma pirini, tjitji pirni, kungawarra pirni, whole lot sitting down! The ladies have been gathering and preparing so many bush foods; wangunu, mangarta, kampurarpa, larkarra, kantumi. Bush tucker, whole lot! It’s a happy day, a happy time; everyone is together at this place Kurlkurta, sitting down with a rich feast.

Kurlkurta is a cultural homeland of immense significance for the families of Tjukurla. The site is vast and located in a remote part of the continent; its inaccessibility adding to its gravity.