Tjarlirli Women's Collaborative I

Artist Tjarlirli Women's Collaborative I
Title Minyma Pirni Nikinila
Year 2021

Acrylic on canvas

Dimensions 147.3 × 177.8 cm
Art Centre Tjarlirli Art →

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Tjarlirli Women's Collaborative I

Nola Bennett is an artist and art worker at Tjarlirli Art. Nola spent her early years living in Kaltukatjara (Docker River) with her family. After marrying, Nola moved to Tjukurla so that she could be closer to her father’s Country.

Faith Butler was born at Mangatjatjara, close to the significant sacred site of Kurlkurta. When Tjukurla was still a small outstation of Kaltukatjara (Docker River), the responsibility of teaching the children in daily classes was given to Faith. She has been painted with Tjarlirli Art almost since its inception, and is a key member of the organisation.

Yanyangkari Roma Butler primarily resides in Warakurna, Western Australia. She travelled to Warakurna on camel after being born in the desert and spending her early years at the Ernabella Mission in Pukatja. As well as being a traditional knowledge woman, Roma helped to create Ngaanyatjarra Media and continues to be involved in their work. She paints with Tjarlirli and Kaltukatjara Art when she is visiting family in these communities.

Julieanne Farmer is an art worker at the Kaltukatjara art centre, as well as an artist. Julieanne depicts the Pitjantjatjara country of her mother towards Mutitjulu and Areyonga. She also paints the Ngaanyatjarra country of her father which is Tjukurla and Warakurna. Recently, Julieanne has also been learning skills of photography and film to expand her practice.

Mary Gibson was born at a site called Kuluwarri, deep in the western desert. As a child she lived at Kurlkurta, east of Kuluwarri. When she was a teenager, her family walked to Papunya. Mary moved to Tjukurla in 1989 when it was first established as an outstation. She was one of the first artists painting at Tjarlirli Art when it was established in 2006.

Tjawina Porter grew up in the desert near Yumara. After the passing of her father, her family moved to the then newly established government settlement of Papunya. Tjawina now lives in Tjukurla, close to her birthplace.

Tjawina was well known for her skills as a traditional basket weaver and carver of punu before becoming recognised for her painting skills.

Nyangawara Ward painted her first painting with Tjarlirli Art during a bush trip in 2015. She has family members in Tjarlirli Art and lives in Warakurna.

Artist statement

Minyma pirini, tjitji pirni, kungawarra pirni, whole lot sitting down! The ladies have been gathering and preparing so many bush foods; wangunu, mangarta, kampurarpa, larkarra, kantumi. Bush tucker, whole lot! It’s a happy day, a happy time; everyone is together at this place Kurlkurta, sitting down with a rich feast.

Kurlkurta is a cultural homeland of immense significance for the families of Tjukurla. The site is vast and located in a remote part of the continent; its inaccessibility adding to its gravity.