Annette Nungala Peterson

Artist Annette Nungala Peterson
Title Neutral Junction Landscape
Year 2021

Synthetic polymer on canvas

Dimensions 90 × 120 cm
Art Centre Artists of the Barkly →

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Annette Nungala Peterson

Annette Nungala Peterson was born at Neutral Junction Station in 1968, close to Barrow Creek on the Stuart Highway. Annette started painting as a young girl and has reinvigorated this practice in recent years, painting alongside the Epenarra artists of Wutunugurra where she lives. Her subject matter varies between bush foods and the landscapes around Neutral Junction which she paints with a rich and vibrant palette in her signature patchwork style.

Artist statement

Annette Nungala Peterson has depicted a scene near Neutral Junction Station, where she was born. Where in other examples of Nungala’s paintings, the viewer’s perspective is solely of her classic patchworked landscapes, here the view of country is dominated by a bold, abstracted horizon line made of waves of strong colour. The intensity of the distant hills causes them to come forwards and almost tilt the perspective of the painting towards the sky. This image gives precedence to the horizon, where earth and sky meet, and the viewer is not certain where hills end and clouds begin.