Artist Warrick Miller Japangardi
Title Ngapa Jukurrpa
Year 2022

Acrylic on linen

Dimensions 181 × 90 cm
Art Centre Arlpwe Art and Culture Centre →

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Warrick Miller Japangardi

Warlpiri artist Warrick Japangardi Miller, was born in Katherine in 1987. His mother grew up between Chila Well and Lajamanu, and his father in Mt Theo, an outstation north-west of Yuendumu. Warrick started painting three years ago at Mt Theo and has since moved to Alekarenge (Ali Curung) where he paints with Arlpwe Art and Culture Centre. He primarily paints Jukurrpa designs that have been passed on to him from his great-grandfather and other Warlpiri lawmen. As Warrick states, “My grandfather grew up in Papunya. I’m so lucky that I learnt so much from him. I remember in the 1980s, he used to tell us stories.”

Artist statement

My great-great grandfather, my mother’s side, is the traditional owner for the rain dreaming and he used this design in the ceremonies. They used to paint it in the sand and on people’s bodies. I wanted to do these designs to keep them alive. People used to do these paintings lots back when he was around, but not anymore. It’s all about rain dreaming, lightning, wind and thunder. And the rainbow man is in there. Dreamtime man. He’s in all those stories my great-great grandfather did.