Steven (Hector) Mitakiki

Artist Steven (Hector) Mitakiki
Title Ngayuku Ngura - My Country
Year 2021

Acrylic on linen

Dimensions 198 × 122 cm
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Steven (Hector) Mitakiki

Steven (Hector) Mitakiki was born in Mparntwe (Alice Springs) and moved to Amata with his family when he was a child. Steven’s mother, Mona Mitakiki Shepard, is an established artist at Tjala Arts. Together with his solo practice, Steven works on large scale collaborative canvases with his sons Kamarin Mitakiki and Junior Mitakiki and nephews Clyde Shaw and Sydney Waye who together form the Mitakiki Men’s Collaborative.

Artist statement

In this painting Steven (Hector) Mitakiki has depicted his Country and the area around the homeland where he lives. The different colours and designs represent variations in the landscape.