Artist Samuel Miller
Title Ngayuku Ngura
Year 2022

Acrylic on Belgian linen

Dimensions 110 × 183 cm
Art Centre Ninuku Arts →

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Samuel Miller

Samuel Miller was born at Ernabella Mission. When Samuel’s mother passed away, his father’s second wife, Molly Nampitjin Miller, cared for him. Molly is a founding director of Ninuku Arts. Growing up, Samuel moved between Amata and Pipalyatjara, but he now resides in Kalka with Molly and family. A core member of Ninuku Arts, Samuel has painted daily for over a decade. His canvasses depict the traditional iconography of his land, which lies to the east of Pipalyatjara – camps, rockholes, creeks and hills, all immersed in Tjukurpa (dreaming stories). Samuel uses a minimalist composition and radiating colours. These colours are largely drawn from the flowers in the landscape surrounding his Country before the buffel grass came.

Artist statement

Ngayuku Ngura means ‘My Place’. Samuel Miller uses an extensive palette of colours to paint the country surrounding Kalka and Pipalyatjara. His paintings feature the various land formations from that area – rockholes, creeks and hills. His land is a sacred men’s rockhole, so sacred that the name is not allowed to be written down or spoken about.