Artist Delma Forbes
Title Ngayuku Nguru
Year 2022

Acrylic on Belgian linen

Dimensions 153 × 153 cm
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Delma Forbes

Delma Forbes has been painting with Kaltjiti Arts for many years, and is a respected member of the art centre and the Chairperson for Kaltjiti Arts. Delma paints her country of Blackstone in Western Australia and her strong memories of the Country around this area. She resides in the homelands of Watinuma and is married to Hudson Forbes and has two children. Delma has exhibited in group shows across Australia since 2012.

Artist statement

Painting makes me think of going out bush in Blackstone. We had no cars, no shops, ate bushfoods – goanna, kampurarpa rabbit, honey ants. My paintings make me think back to when I lived in the bush with my family. They are like a memory and a map of the country, my grandfather’s Country Witapi Wara.