Artist Fiona Wells
Title Ngayuku Walka - My Design
Year 2022


Dimensions 45.5 × 11.5 cm
Art Centre Ernabella Arts →

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Fiona Wells

My name is Fiona Wells and I always come to the art centre. I listen to myself and pick up ideas and then draw designs on ceramics in my own way. I think of all my designs in my mind and for paintings I do a similar thing – think, listen and do it. I think about designs in my mind to keep my spirits strong and to stay happy outside the art centre with other family members around the fire with a cuppa. My aim is to be happy by doing artwork so I can ignore other things and focus on my work. After doing my artwork I feel proud of it.

Artist statement

Walka means design or pattern. Fiona Wells has been inspired by various elements of Country including tjukula (waterholes) and wanampi (rainbow serpent) to create this design. Fiona has also incorporated aspects of the story of Piltati, a waterhole east of Pukatja (Ernabella), into her design. Piltati was formed by two men who were out hunting and turned themselves into wanampi (rainbow serpents). The wanampi still live there today and they provide rain for the bush tucker to grow.