Rosalind Tjanyari

Artist Rosalind Tjanyari
Title Ngura Wiru (Good Country)
Year 2022

Acrylic on linen

Dimensions 152 × 122 cm
Art Centre Iwantja Arts →

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Rosalind Tjanyari

I was born here in the little clinic, my family and friends are all here. My mother and my grandmother are both ngangkari (traditional healers), they were always helping other people in the community. I like to go into country to find minkulpa (traditional bush tobacco). It only grows in the cool places close to water. I like laughing and having fun, I want the other people to enjoy the art centre like I do. It brings us together, working and sharing, and everyone is happy. This is a strong place.

Artist statement

Rosalind Tjanyari’s mother and grandmother were famous ngangkaris (traditional healers) in the western country of the APY Lands. Rosalind spent a lifetime outdoors with her mother and grandmother traveling to visit family and friends in need of healing. Rosalind’s paintings allude to a healing energy and strive to encompass the desert landscape. Her artworks speak to a deep history of connection to both Country and people, referencing hidden pathways across the lands, and the fluidity of movement and of journeys.