Artist Sarah Holmes Napangardi
Title Nguru Jilja (Sandhill Country)
Year 2022

Acrylic on linen

Dimensions 107 × 61 cm
Art Centre Arlpwe Art and Culture Centre →

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Sarah Holmes Napangardi

Warlpiri artist Sarah Holmes Nabangardi was born in Tennant Creek in 1947, though shortly after her family relocated to Ali Curung, where she has predominantly lived since. Sarah learned about traditional life, bush tucker and Warlpiri culture from her family and as a child at the Alakerange school. After working at the Health Clinic for many years, Sarah joined Arlpwe Art and Culture Centre in 2011. While Sarah’s practice is very experimental, incorporating many styles, she has recently found success painting the hilly landscape around Ali Curung from an aerial perspective.

Artist statement

This painting, it’s about you standing on the ground, looking at the big picture of river, creek, hills, mountain, floodways and sandhills. They are in front of you. But when you up in the Qantas plane, you look down, to see how they look from above. It’s different from the land, what you see. It’s a pattern, that you can describe from the Qantas plane. It’s different from the land and sky.