Joanne Napangardi Wheeler

Artist Joanne Napangardi Wheeler
Title Palm Valley After Mission Came
Year 2022

Acrylic on linen

Dimensions 76.5 × 153 cm
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Joanne Napangardi Wheeler

Joanne Napangardi Wheeler was born in 1969 in Ntaria (Hermannsburg) and is the great granddaughter of renowned watercolourist Albert Namitjira. She has had a long and celebrated artistic career and joined Tangentyere Artists in 2013.

Joanne often paints stories of the olden days at Ntaria and Palm Valley, NT; figurative landscapes bursting with vibrant colours, fields of dots, rolling ranges, playful animals and animated figures. She cleverly uses shifts in colour alongside the dynamic poses and exaggerated features of the figures to convey a sense of movement within her works. She brings the viewer into her paintings and provides a stylised glimpse of life and landscape before the Mission. Previously, Joanne also painted non-figurative works however in recent years has focused solely on developing her current unique style which has been met with much success.

Artist statement

All my family there, Palm Valley, after Hermannsburg Mission came. Lot of people living there. See they all wearing clothes… it was after Mission at Hermannsburg. Water in that waterhole in Palm Valley all the time. So all the of animals, all the bush food… really good hunting all the time. All the people living there. Family. No houses yet. They just live in humpy. All the kangaroo, emu, bush turkey, all the goanna, all the bird, all the food. It’s all there. That’s my family’s home for long time… Before Mission come. Still my family’s home today. But we got houses now… outstation… proper houses. That’s all.