Nyayati Stanley Young

Artist Nyayati Stanley Young
Title Patilpa Tjukurpa
Year 2022

Acrylic on canvas

Dimensions 91 × 122 cm
Art Centre Ninuku Arts →

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Nyayati Stanley Young

Nyayati Stanley Young was at a sacred rock hole west of Irrunytju, Western Australia. Before going to school at the Ernabella Mission, Stanley grew up with his family in the bush. During these early years, his family spent much time travelling around their home country, around the communities of Irrunytju and Pipalyatjara, and living in wiltjas (traditional shelters). After leaving the mission, Stanley returned to Pipalyatjara where he continues to live with his family today. He generously shares stories of his many experiences working as a stockman, Pitjantjatjara language teacher, geologist, and truck driver. In one story, he tells of racing a friend in a bareback horse race all the way from Mparntwe (Alice Springs) to Kalka. Along with being a celebrated artist and dancer, Stanley is also a respected elder and senior lawman. He has been exhibiting since 2007 and has been in group exhibitions around the world.

Artist statement

This is the story of Patilpa (Port Lincoln ringneck parrot) that lives in the Country around Pipalyatjara. Wati Minu (a man called Minu) came from the west to Pipalyatjara – he was a rainmaker. He hunted all the waru (black footed wallaby). The Patilpa people were hungry and went and stole all the fat mala (wallabies), leaving the skinny ones for Minu. Minu was angry at this and he made clouds and thunder. All the Patilpa were hiding in a cave, but the rain came and washed them all away. They became Chrysoprase; a bright green rock that you can find in the hills surrounding Pipalyatjara.