Nyungawarra (Nangawarra) Ward

Artist Nyungawarra (Nangawarra) Ward
Title Patjarr
Year 2022

Acrylic on linen

Dimensions 152 × 121 cm
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Nyungawarra (Nangawarra) Ward

Nyangawarra Ward was born in the bush near Karrku, east of Karrkurritinytja. When she was a young girl, the family group, which included Nanyuma Napangati, was met by Jeremy Long and Nosepeg Tjupurrula to the west of Kiwirrkurra. The family then moved to Papunya where Nyungawarra went to school. Nyungawarra, her husband and their family moved through the Docker River, Warburton and Warakurna areas for some years before settling back in Walungurru (Kintore) in 1981. Nyungawarra started to paint in 2002.

Artist statement

I am painting Yankuntjuntju. It is my grandmother’s Country, close to Patjarr. There’s a rockhole close. I like to paint my story, my grandfather’s, my grandmother’s. My father’s mother passed away at that rockhole, that is why I’m painting. My grandmother had two sons, two daughters. [She] passed away right there, rockhole side. I also paint Karrku, that’s my nyal-ku Tjukurrpa, (my Dreaming) Porcupine dreaming in that place. I think about these stories and my family when I am painting. Proper story. Painting keeps my family, and these stories close to me.