Artist Kumintjaye Long Nampijinpa
Title Pereltye
Year 2022

Acrylic on linen

Dimensions 107 × 107 cm
Art Centre Arlpwe Art and Culture Centre →

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Kumintjaye Long Nampijinpa

Kumintjaye Long Nampijinpa was born at Neutral Junction Station, 280km north of Alice Springs, and now resides at Ali Curung. She started painting in the early 1990s at the Ali Curung Old Women’s Centre, before becoming one of the founding members of Arlpwe Art and Culture Centre. Kumintjaye Long Nampijinpa’s approach to painting comes from a slow, meditative hand. Her paintings layer multitudes of minute marks; either one colour or a limited palette, emphasising texture and negative space.

Artist statement

This painting is about pereltye, a white sugary substance made by the lerp scale insect and found on the leaf of the kunjumarra tree (river red gum). Long ago, it was collected by the women for eating, by hitting the leaves of the tree. Then they had to collect it from the sand, clean it and put it in coolamon. This was mainly found on the banks and in the beds of watercourses.