Artist Andrew Ebatarinja
Title Playing Guitar on Country
Year 2022

Terracotta and underglazes

Dimensions 27 × 14 × 14 cm
Art Centre Hermannsburg Potters →

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Andrew Ebatarinja

Andrew Ebatarinja started working with Hermannsburg Potters in 2021 as part of the Men’s Development Program. Andrew took to the medium immediately, using his skills as a painter to create dynamic works and quickly developed his own unique style.

Artist statement

That man with the guitar is from a Country Rock Band. Maybe it’s Warren Williams, maybe ACDC. He’s playing at Bush Bands for every community, going to play big concert. This one here is twin gum, that river there you come across it and get there. There’s water, sitting birds. That kwatja (water) comes and goes through those trees there.