Dianne Ungukalpi Golding

Artist Dianne Ungukalpi Golding
Title Purtingkatja - Pinirnpa Purlkanya (From the bush - Big Anthill)
Year 2022

Tjanpi (wild harvested grass), bush dyed raffia and steel wire

Dimensions 71 × 80 × 88 cm
Art Centre Tjanpi Desert Weavers →

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Dianne Ungukalpi Golding

Dianne Ungukalpi Golding belongs to the Ngaanyatjarra language and cultural group in Western Australia, and lives with her family in Warakurna. Dianne experiments with different shapes and says “Some long like piti (traditional wood dish), some round like the sun.” She has since made a number of sculptural pieces drawing inspiration from the animals prevalent on the Ngaanyatjarra Lands.

Artist statement

We thought we would use coils and the basket-making skills we know in a different way, to create a new style of sculpture. We went out bush to look around at all the interesting shapes and sizes of mountains, trees and anthills, some pointy, some round and some crooked. We also wanted to make our own special colours from the bush, so we made plant dyes and wove our sculptures with these soft colours. We made many tjanpi coils and stitched around and around, growing our sculptures up and out and in again. Some of us stitched our coils really strong and tight, and others kept the coils more grassy. The leaves, roots and barks we collected made colours that all look lovely together, just as all the colours of the bush look so lovely together too.

– Cynthia Burke, Dianne Ungukalpi Golding, Erica Ikungka Shorty, Yanyangkari Roma Butler, Dorcas Tinnimai Bennett