Artist Evelyn Young
Title Rocks in the Simpson Desert
Year 2022

Acrylic on linen

Dimensions 80 × 120 cm
Art Centre Keringke Arts →

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Evelyn Young

Evelyn Young is a prominent artist at Keringke Art Centre and has established herself as a fine proponent of the Keringke style. Generally painting in traditional colours and highly intricate patterning, her works are reflections of land and connections of tangible and intangible energies. This work is as delicate and intricate as lace, yet has a depth and complexity that suggests a great talent. Evelyn’s work is consistently of a high standard and over the years she has become one of the most sought after ceramic painters.

Artist statement

The artists of Keringke Arts use pattern, colour, shape and design to create vibrant paintings that depict sense of Country, culture and self. Various painters have developed this style of painting at Keringke Arts over a twenty-year period, notable for intricate detail and high colour. The shapes and designs may have features common to ancient rock art and petroglyph designs found throughout Eastern Arrernte country. Other motifs reflect sand and body painting designs. Still others may reflect the stories and songs recounting the adventures of the ancestors who first travelled across the vast land making the earth as we know it today. In its contemporary form these designs on the canvas may not be attributed to any particular thing, holding the energy and vitality of the artist’s particular creative experience.